Top Travel Tips for Seniors

Many people dream of traveling during retirement, and travel can be great for people of all ages. However, traveling as an older adult can bring with it some challenges, that although still worth it, can make traveling more difficult. If you’re planning a summer getaway though, we’ve got you covered with our top travel tips for seniors! 

Pick the right time. 

While summer is a popular time for many people to travel, if you’re retired, you’re likely not bound by schedules anymore. You don’t have to worry about when the kids are out of school or work is a little bit slower. Early spring and in the fall can be a great time to travel without having to fight crowds. 

Stay healthy. 

Wearing a mask while in an airport and on a flight is one of our biggest travel tips for seniors as it can protect you from the illnesses circulating in such a highly trafficked space. Additionally, make sure you’re moving around, drinking plenty of water, and have everything you need to manage any chronic conditions you may have (such as healthy snacks and a glucose monitor if you have diabetes). 

Be prepared. 

Another important travel tip for seniors is just being prepared. While that can sound obvious and simple, there are things you need to prepare for as an older adult that you might not have had to worry about when you were younger. For example, does where you’re staying have an elevator? Is the entrance hard to access? Are there any major fall risks? Additionally, if you’re traveling abroad, you will likely want to get travel insurance just to be on the safe side. And all of this is in addition to making sure you have everything you need, including important documents close by.