Tips for Incorporating Walking into Your Daily Routine

Just 30 minutes of walking each day can increase your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost your muscle power and endurance. Regular walking can also reduce your risk of things like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain cancers. However, your life is busy already, and it can be hard to find the time to exercise, even if it’s just a simple walk. We understand, which is why we’ve put together tips for incorporating walking into your daily routine in this article. 

Keep walking shoes with you. Even if you have a busy schedule, most of us have times where we have a few minutes to spare. Maybe you showed up to your doctor’s appointment a little early or tried to swing by the pharmacy 15 minutes before their lunch break ends. These are great opportunities to squeeze in a few minutes of walking, but you need to make sure you’re prepared! Keep a pair of walking shoes in your car for moments just like this. 

Walk with a friend or loved one. A great way to get moving is to invite a friend or family member. You can help keep each other accountable to getting your steps in and enjoy some good conversation while you do it. When walking is doubling as quality time with a friend or family member, it can be easier to make time for it. 

Walk, don’t sit. If you take your grandchildren to the park or attend one of their sporting events, don’t sit on the sidelines, walk the sidelines! This is a great way to turn passive activity into active activity. Even if you’re at home watching TV, use that time to walk in place instead. 

Try an activity monitor. Activity monitors can track your steps, and this can often motivate you to get more steps in. Whether you go high tech with an Apple watch or FitBit or use a good old fashioned pedometer, knowing how many (or how few) steps you get each day can be enlightening. Try to work towards more steps over time, getting to at least 10,000 or more steps each day. 

Park far away and get your steps in. When you go grocery shopping or to run other errands, instead of trying to pick a spot as close to the entrance as possible, park farther away. This small change will only cost you a few extra minutes, but it’s an easy way to get a little extra walking in. If you have multiple errands close together, try to park in one central location and walk to each place rather than driving each time.