Thrive During the Holidays

The holidays are meant to be a time of fun and quality time with your family, but let’s face it, they can also be very stressful. Trying to rush to every gathering, make food, and manage your diet and exercise can be overwhelming for all of us. But nobody wants to be stressed out during a time that’s supposed to be joyful and fun, so check out our top five tips on how to thrive during the holidays.

  • Set your goals. No one wants to look back over the holiday season and start the New Year off feeling stressed out, tired, and overweight. However, with the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s easy to get lost and find yourself in that situation exactly. Thinking about what you want for yourself over the next couple of months and planning accordingly can help you to avoid this scenario. 
  • Prioritize your schedule. We’ve all been there–too many holiday gatherings and only one of us. You won’t be done with the late lunch at your sister’s when it’s time for dinner with your spouse’s family.  Think about in advance what gatherings you want to attend and don’t be afraid to say no to one or a few that just won’t work for you.
  • Be a mindful eater. There’s food all around us all season long, and if we’re stressed out or just mindlessly snacking, it’s easy to let it get the best of us. It’s important not to turn to food if you’re stressed out or overwhelmed, but to find a healthy way to manage that stress or those emotions by breathing deeply, journaling, or taking a quick walk outside. When you do indulge, don’t skip over your favorites even if they’re not the healthiest. Just control your portions and have a smaller amount. If you’re going to someone else’s lunch or dinner, take along a healthier side, so you know there will be something a little better for you there.  
  • Make time for exercise. The end of the year can be a really busy season, but it’s important for your health to make time for exercise. If you can’t fit in your normal workout routine, try to squeeze in a shorter version. You can also get outside and play with grandchildren or take a walk with friends or family to see Christmas decorations in your neighborhood.
  • Don’t skip meals. It can be easy and even tempting to skip breakfast if you know you’re having a get together later in the day with a big meal. While it might seem like eating less is better for you, it can actually make you more likely to mindlessly snack at the gathering. Skipping meals will also lower your blood sugar levels and can lead to fatigue and irritability. 

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