Eat Fresh

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, and it’s even better if you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables. While it’s certainly better to eat canned or frozen produce instead of no fruits or vegetables at all, some of the nutrients can be lost in the canning or freezing process. However, for many seniors, cost can be a concern and a reason for choosing canned or frozen fruits or vegetables for many people. In today’s article, we’ll go over some of our top tips to eat fresh produce even on a budget.

  • Buy in season. Buying fresh produce that is in season is one of the best tips for getting fresh fruits and vegetables at a lower price. Even if strawberries are in store all year round, you can likely find them cheaper from March to May as opposed to other times of the year. Educate yourself on the seasons for your favorite fruits and vegetables and only buy those items fresh when they’re in season.
  • Shop sales. In addition to shopping based on what’s in season, you can also shop based on your store’s weekly sales. A lot of times this may follow what is in season already, but it can be a helpful reminder. You may also be able to find them even cheaper than just in season prices too.
  • Keep it simple. Fresh produce that is already washed, cut, or processed in some way is going to be more expensive than it will be in its simplest form. If you struggle with arthritis or another condition that makes chopping things harder, this may be difficult. However, you may be able to ask a friend, family member, or neighbor for help prepping some of your fresh produce as well.
  • Grow some yourself. Gardening can be a very rewarding hobby. It helps you grow fresh produce, get some exercise, and enjoy the fresh air. Even if you’re low on space you can grow things like herbs, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and other items in a small raised bed or even a pot.
  • Utilize farmers markets. Local farmers markets are a great way to find fresh, local, in-season produce at a cheaper price because it cuts out the middleman of the grocery store. Make sure you check out our calendar of events to learn when our Senior Summer Resource Fairs will be in an area near you!