Boost Your D in Winter

Vitamin D can have lots of benefits in the winter, but most of us associate it with getting outside in the sun. However, there are a few key ways you can boost your D in winter, which can help with your mood, arthritis, muscle strength, and even prevent heart disease.

  • Go outside. Yes, we know it’s cold outside. Getting outside is a great way to get vitamin D though, and getting outside can improve your overall mood.
  • Include vitamin D in your diet. There aren’t a lot of foods that are naturally high in vitamin D, but fatty fish like salmon, mushrooms, egg yolks, and fortified foods/drinks (orange juice, dairy products, and most cereals) can deliver necessary vitamin D.
  • Take a supplement. Even with getting outside, eating fish, and drinking fortified milk, it can be hard to get all the necessary vitamin D. Talk to your doctor about taking a vitamin D supplement to help.
  • Look at your medications. Certain medications can actually mess with your body’s ability to absorb vitamin D, especially medicine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Talk to your doctor about this and see what you can do.

Vitamin D is hard to get in the winter, but it’s not impossible. Even though you may not feel like getting outside or you may not like fish very much, vitamin D has real benefits to your overall health.

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