Benefits of Humor for Stress Management

It’s only natural to have stress in your life, but too much can lead to adverse health issues and just make it much harder to enjoy your life. However, there are many benefits of humor for stress management. Humor can be a surprisingly simple way to help manage your stress!

How Humor Helps Your Stress 

As simple as it sounds, a sense of humor can help you be more resilient to stress and improve your physical and mental health. Other positive benefits of humor include: 

  • A stronger bond with others 
  • Looking at things in a more positive light 
  • Normalizing your experience 
  • Keeping your relationships strong 
  • Keeping you healthy 
  • Increasing overall satisfaction 

Ways to Bring Humor Into Your Life 

You may think you already have a good sense of humor or aren’t sure how you can incorporate humor into your life any more than you already have. However, the more you practice humor, the more natural it will become and the greater chance of it impacting your stress levels. A few ways to develop your sense of humor include: 

  • Smile. Even just faking a smile can increase your happiness because it releases chemicals known as endorphins. A fake smile also often leads to a real smile and can help laughter come more easily. 
  • Step back. Often when you’re in a difficult situation, it can be hard to see any way out of it. Taking a step back and looking at your situation differently can help you reframe and look at things you can’t control in a different light. 
  • Recruit funny friends. Your social circle is so important so critical in managing your stress in general, and if you have a good group of friends you can share some good laughs with, even better! 
  • Look for funny entertainment. The things we consume can make a big impact on our mental health. If we’re constantly watching stressful news, it can make us stressed. But if you’re seeking out things like funny sitcoms or online videos, it can help you laugh and have a more lighthearted attitude.