A Thyroid Friendly Diet for Seniors

Thyroid issues affect many seniors and while specific foods or supplements can’t necessarily treat or reverse thyroid disease, eating a thyroid friendly diet can help support your thyroid health and may help reduce some of your symptoms. 

What is a thyroid friendly diet? 

Your thyroid produces hormones that affect your entire body, and it is sensitive to what you eat. Thyroid friendly diets focus on reducing inflammation, sensitivity, allergic responses, and spikes or rapid fluctuations in your blood sugar. It also often includes looking at possible toxins or chemicals that can trigger immune responses and limiting high amounts of unhealthy fats. 

What foods do I need to avoid in a thyroid friendly diet?

A thyroid friendly diet may look different for each person, as certain foods (take dairy, soy, gluten and nuts for example) may cause inflammation and issues in some people. If you’re following the tips below and still struggling, it may be worth it to try an elimination diet to see if common allergens may be affecting you. However, there are certain foods and eating behaviors that can help your thyroid (and your overall health) across the board. These include: 

  • Eliminate heavily processed foods. 
  • Skipping the extra salt. 
  • Add in good fats like olive oil, avocados, and healthy nuts into your diet. 
  • Limit sweets, sugary drinks, and other forms of sugar. 
  • Drink alcohol only in moderation. 
  • Avoid eating too much in one sitting. 
  • Give your body a 10-12 hour overnight food break. 
  • Eliminate toxins like hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides from your food as much as possible.